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Current Residence: Birmingham, UK
Favourite genre of music: Mostly Rock, no metal, no damn rap, a bit of classical, and some jazz.
Operating System: XP Pro, hoping for a Mac :D
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Changes from week to week...

Honestly this completely took me by surprise. But an absolutely huge thanks to Tepara and snowmask for suggesting and choosing my piece :heart:


Since this'll be the only few hours of any mild visibility I'll have around here... (wow, this is shameless)


If you happen to like my work or happen to feel like supporting the penniless, starving artist I am :P, I'm available to do commissions. This could be in the form of pretty much any type of artwork you can see in my gallery (traditional, digital, paint..), at any size, up to about A2 on paper and canvas. Subject matter can pretty much be anything also, although if it's specific (ie a portrait) a reference'll be required.

If you're interested, please note me and we can discuss further details.

Equally, most of the work in my gallery is also negotiable for sale so note me if you're interested.

I could use both the practise and the funds :P
  • Listening to: Emmy the Great
  • Reading: Lolita
  • Watching: An Education
  • Playing: AC2


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phinnist Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Student General Artist
Hey dude, whassup? Did you get your offers in the end? I've decided to go do a foundation at Kingston before reapplying, 'cause I really want to go to Slade - didn't go for the Edinburgh and Glasgow interviews. Lemme know!
Hallucinogenius Featured By Owner May 8, 2011
Hey, hey. I was wondering what you were got up to in the end the other day, actually. How are you?

I got rejections from Slade and CSM, but same as you - interviews for GSA and ECA. Slade would be utterly incredible but looking at the average age of everyone else at the folio hand-in I wasn't surprised I got rejected. Did you get an interview?

Anyway, I found GSA (mostly the Mackintosh) pretty fucking amazing when I went up, though Edinburgh's beautiful too, and ended up with offers from both around April so I firmed and insured respectively. Like I say I would have loved to have gone to Slade, though whilst I don't know about you I really doubt I could have afforded it, what with new fees on top of a foundation costs. Depressingly, the weeks before getting my offers for the Scottish ones I was already glancing around on Extra for Art Hist courses.

One thing I will say though, is that after looking around places like GSA and Slade, Ruskin really wasn't worth all the stress/rejection-misery, although I suppose it is Oxford, ha.

Keep me posted, man.
phinnist Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Student General Artist
Haha, hey. I'm pretty stressed at the mo', what with Art A level exam starting tomorrow and me still working like shit on my sketchbook. But it should go okay, hopefully.

Yeah, Chelsea rejected me without even looking at my portfolio because of my lack of foundation. I didn't get an interview for Slade, pretty disappointing. I'm darn happy for you that you got offers to both GSA and ECA, that's amazing. I would have at least gone to the interviews but Scotland is just... so far away, y'know? I came to the UK excited at the prospect of going to a London uni, so I'm going to keep trying for that - at least for one more year.

And, agreed. I'm not planning on re-applying to the Ruskin next year. It was miserable being rejected and to be honest, they suck, haha, in comparison to the other actually way more prestigious and incredible art schools. If we're serious about art, we have to let go of Oxford, I guess.

But yeah, I'm planning on doing a foundation at Kingston before reapplying. I probably won't apply to Glasgow, simply because I find the art courses aren't broad enough to suit my interests, although I probs will apply to Edinburgh again next year. And Slade will still be my no. 1 choice. What course did you go for in the end, by the way?
Hallucinogenius Featured By Owner May 8, 2011
Ah, I suppose it's understandable if London was always the aim in coming over, either way I admire your determination. I was just after a decent art school and as they come GSA suits me alright. Glasgow is pretty exciting art-wise but you really can't beat London. Maybe I'll try and get back down south for a post-grad, we'll see. It also occurs to me that if you did do a foundation for Oxford you'd have done about a month of Fdn before you'd need to hand in a folio, ha.

I went for Painting/Printmaking in the end; I figured I was always going to end up mostly painting even on a general FA course, although I'm gonna keep the photography going. What about you? Edinburgh are v flexible in the first two years but you have to specialise after that I believe. I was always under the impression they weren't as reputable a college but having visited, it was really beautiful. The third year painting studios have these huge windows that are about 20m away from and overlook nothing but the castle.. you could probably stab a tourist if you had a stick long enough.. not difficult to be inspired at Edinburgh, is what I mean to say.

Either way, good luck for your applications, god knows your deserve it.
LabyrinthCreations Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
featuring your work here [link]
Hallucinogenius Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
thanks, kindly, I appreciate it. I've been away from dA for a few months and just came back for a hell of a surprise :P
LabyrinthCreations Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
very welcome--it's a very cool piece (but I think you know that based on all the faves it received!) ;)
PopGoestheRocket Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010  Student General Artist
It is so incredibly rare that DDs go to talented artists. It's refreshing that you got one. Congrats.
Hallucinogenius Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
I haven't been on dA for about 2 months so this was a slight surprise :P but thanks, much appreciated, really.
RandyHand Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
Congrats on the DD...
The Red Heels is really an original fun concept and incredibly well executed.
Really love the rest of your work as well.
Good luck answering all those messages!;)
Best to you...
Take care
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